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Fast View TV is offering a ten percent discount for its digital amplified indoor HD TV Antenna

Purchase of new digital amplified indoor HD TV Antenna from Fast View TV guarantees the customer a price reduction by ten percent. Fast View TV is selling the newest 2019 TV antenna at a highly subsidized price. Buyers will be given a discount upon entering the coupon code JAMIESAVE10.


Buyers are not just expected to save on the price but also pay TV bills. With the new 2019 TV antenna, there will be no need to pay the huge bill on TV, being the best in the market it can receive free full HD channels like CBS, PBC, ABC, and Fox among others. “With amplified TV antenna start To access all of the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs,” said Fair View TV representative while adding that the antenna for smart TV supports a wide of HD signal transmissions such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p 2K and even 4K HD. “This is a truly HDTV antenna, it brings you genuine high-quality presentation,” added the company representative.


Recounted as the best indoor TV antenna, the aerial for smart TV has an intelligent integrated circuit chip, a powerful amplifier signal booster and an advanced clean peak filter technology to insulate against cellular and FM interference, with this the company representative said, it offers the TV viewers a low noise, crystal clear picture at a range of between 85 to 130 miles.  The company representative urges the buyers to enter their address into a website such as TV fool or dtv.gov/maps to get the channel listing in their location. “You will get more entertainment with our smart TV aerial, channel selection, and picture quality will be good if you are in a location where broadcast strength is good,” added the company spokesperson.


According to the company representative, the package which normally retails at $ 27.95 comes with a premium coaxial cable that has a solid center conductor, dielectric insulation, aluminum shielding and a strong PVC outer layers guarantees protection against interferences leading to best picture quality and superb performance.

While inviting buyers to take advantage of the offer to get the HD Antenna at a reduced price, the company representative said that the product was designed to give the users a solution where they will get more and good free channels.


Using the coupon code, the buyer will get the easy to set up an indoor TV antenna at $21.15 instead of $ 27.95


For more information visit: https://www.fastviewtv.com/

United Against Cancer 2020 Swimwear Calendar’ to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Survivors

SAN FRANCISCO – The Philippine Medical Society of Northern California (PMSNC) and Share+Give Initiative is holding a joint event to help in raising funds to benefit PMSNC’s medical mission in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines on Saturday October 19, 2019 at the Pomeroy Event Center.

The event dubbed “Fashion with a Mission 2” will include special performances by the Queen of Freestyle Jocelyn Enriquez and Bay Area’s very own Maddie B together with a fashion show featuring designers Gia Galicia, Aguila Zanol, Kate Knuvelder, Malibu Dana, Rav Sastre, Manya Nofal and Amped Atelier. The "United Against Cancer 2020 Swimwear Calendar" will also be launched through a fashion show featuring cancer survivors, advocates, and models.

Among the personalities featured in the calendar include: Natalie Grumet, a breast cancer and mass shooting survivor; Rebecca Ottusch who was blindsided by stage 3 breast cancer at 27; Rodger Bell, a walking miracle who recovered from stage 4 melanoma cancer; Rebecca Ewing Fisher, a competitive figure bodybuilder who is now cancer-free; Audrey DeLong, a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor since 2002; Bret Miller, a male breast cancer survivor and the founder of The Male Breast Cancer Coalition Malibu Dana Richards, cancer-free for nine years and Maybelle McBride, five-year breast cancer survivor.

All the proceeds from the calendar will be donated to support the PSRC Breast Cancer Support Services Program in San Francisco. Apart from raising funds to support charity work, the event is also a platform where survivors as well as advocates showcasing their unity in their goal to beat cancer through raising global awareness. PMSNC has been conducting annual medical missions since 1986. The 2019 medical mission was held in Candon, Ilocos Norte. A total of 186 volunteers helped 7,000 indigent patients.

The event is presented with the help of The Filipino Channel as a media partner. Tickets are available at pmsnc.org.

Event details:
Fashion with a Mission
October 19, 2019
Pomeroy Event Center in San Fransisco

PMSNC engages in community outreach programs, both in the Philippines and in Northern California. The organization also provides scholarships to deserving Filipino-American medical students each year relying on volunteer hours and donations from individuals and sponsors to help fund its programs.

About Share+Give
Share+Give Initiative is a non-profit founded in 2017 to help organizations raise funds for breast cancer, children in foster care, and medical missions through fashion shows and other projects.

For more info, Visit here http://www.unitedvscancer.com/

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An improved Cedar Bat House launched by Wildlife Seekers USA

Wildlife Seekers USA has launched an improved Cedar Bat House. The bat house is a specially designed two-chamber home for bats. While launching the bat houses the company Managing Director, Mr. David Green said that this is what is needed to get rid of mosquitoes and such other unwanted guests. The premium wood bat house is made of rugged weather-resistant wood capable of naturally resisting decay and other weather elements. It comes with a double chamber bat box designed to shelter bats in an environment that they love. "It is also easy to install, following the instructions, you can mount it within a short time," said Mr. Green while assuring the buyers that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

According to Mr. Green, the Cedar Bat House will not only help homeowners to get rid of biting skeeters, but they will also prevent the bats from settling in their houses. Bats in the house can be a great nuisance, especially at night. "The best way to keep them out in an area where they help make the home habitable and comfortable is to use the Cedar Bat House," said Mr. Green.

With its perfect design and cedarwood, the bat house mimics a natural environment where bats will feel comfortable. It also means that the structure will last long as cedar is resistant to harsh weather elements as opposed to other types of wood which weather and warp fast when placed outdoor. Its quality engineering also makes it easy for the bats to access the landing platform and comfortably roost within the chamber.

The bat house also introduces an eco-friendly way of getting rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects; one bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in a single hour meaning making it an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of these nuisances. The alternative would be the use of pesticides which may not be friendly to the environment.

Those who have already used the bat house in their homes, describe it as a wonderful product one that will help put the bat out of their houses.

About Wildlife Seekers USA
Wildlife Seekers USA is a company that specializes with creating high-quality animal shelters that allow people to safely and naturally observe wildlife. The company which was established in 2018 believes that wildlife should be observed and not obstructed.

Media Contact
David Green
The Managing Director
Social Media: Facebook-Wildlife Seekers USA
Email: david@wildlifeseekersusa.com
Amazon Storefront URL: https://www.amazon.com/s?me=A7JD62D3L8186&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER

Breaking News: Southern Trails Pictures, LLC Announces Launch

The genesis of Southern Trails Pictures began in the heart of Texas but is currently headquartered in the State of New York. Southern Trails Pictures is a registered independent production company assembled from creative and business entertainment industry professionals, created for the purpose of producing a diverse slate of motion pictures.


Through collaborative partnerships and long lasting relationships, our company will share quality stories for the global audience market.


With collaborative partnerships, the film company will share fresh quality stories that entertain the masses with the widest possible audiences.


Kym Mosley, a native of Houston, Texas will lead the company.


“Southern hospitality will impact our partnerships and everyday decision making when establishing long-lasting relationships,” says Mosley.


For more information visit: http://www.southerntrailspictures.com/

Quality Wholesale Clothing UK - A Tips to Find Quality Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Are you looking for quality wholesale clothing suppliers? If you own a clothing boutique, or are thinking of venturing into the retail business for quality clothes, the web clothing industry may hold the answer to this question. People always buy clothes, but because of the weak economy they want to purchase fashionable clothes at the lowest possible price. Because of the huge market for clothes, there are many wholesale clothing suppliers offering quality stylish clothing at very low prices. And they are easily found on the Net.


When shopping for garments, people usually look for something fashionable and of properly first-class. Even as many call-brand garments are pretty pricey, you can now discover a whole lot of excellent clothes being bought at customer-friendly, wholesale prices. Because that wholesale clothing is so affordable, human beings tend to buy garments more regularly. Additionally, garb style adjustments in no time- every other cause why people keep on buying garments.


If you have your own clothing shop, you will definitely want to find Clothing Wholesalers UK suppliers who can provide you with quality clothes at low prices. You can find many wholesale providers on the Net. You may find them in your own country, or they may be based internationally. No matter where they are located, chances are they will be eager to provide you with wholesale clothing. Compare prices from different wholesale clothing suppliers and make sure they can deliver. Check out the fashion styles, too. Keep in mind that people buy clothes not only for quality, but also for style, so make sure you know what styles are in fashion.


It is also critical to becoming aware of what items you need to sell. You can decide to specialize in kid's apparel, ladies' garb, or guys' garb. As soon as you have got determined on your area of interest marketplace, discover the best feasible dealer for that niche. You ought to recognize your goal marketplace and be able to perceive what items are famous at that point.


Get in touch with potential wholesalers. You should be able to contact them readily. Talk to their local representative, and don't be afraid to ask questions. In fact, the more questions you ask now, the less surprises there will be later on. Any reputable company will be eager to discuss your needs with you. They should have a wide selection of quality items at competitive prices. Compare the prices of different wholesalers and get the best deal you can.


Choosing the excellent Ex Chainstore Wholesale Clothing supplier for you could be difficult, however, it is the simplest way to ensure that you have nice clothes to promote on the great feasible costs so that your customers will preserve coming back for more.


Contact Info:
Email: info@ifashionwholesale.com
Mobile: +44 7914-582-180
Website: http://www.ifashionwholesale.com

Protecting Your Septic Tank's Most Valuable Property

You realize the amount of time, effort, and money it takes to check and maintain your Septic tank surveys. You went through the process and followed your inspector's recommendations so that you will prolong the life your system for years to come. You've kept great detailed records of all of your maintenance so that you will be able to track it and show it off to potential buyers down the road. Now there's only one thing left to do and that's protecting your septic tank's most valuable assets!


There are several things to hold in mind when seeking to be proactive with protective your system. Through following those easy rules you will be capable of ensure all the effort you have positioned into preserving your tank isn't always in useless.


Do not plant anything but grass around your tank. Trees, bushes, even plants and flowers can root deep into the ground and find their way to your tank. This can cause damage to the tank and compromise its shell.


Do no longer permit all and sundry to power whatever over your system. Heavy equipment, automobiles, even using lawn mowers are dangerous for the septic tank. It simply takes one small hairline fracture to put your complete gadget in jeopardy.


Do not build anything over the drain field. It is crucial to keep the drain field available for inspectors to access so they can survey your tank. Grass is the most appropriate thing to use when covering your drain field.


Other sensible practices in shielding your septic tank device is to preserve water, being conscious as to what's placed down your drain as dangerous gadgets can harm your tank, and having your septic inspected yearly. Just being privy to what's going on in your home is an crucial part of ensuring your system is not under undo strain.


It is crucial to educate everyone in your household what the septic tank is, where it is located, and why it is important. If everyone understands what can and can't go down the drain and what is most harmful for your septic tank system, then the best maintenance practices can begin from everyone in the household.


From being proactive with protection to taking the time and effort to have your system inspected and maintained, if followed correctly your tank life will increase, your property value will increase, and you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones won't have to worry about a septic tank emergency.


Learn more about Septic tank surveys, Visit here https://www.dtgroundworks-halifax.co.uk/septic-tank-surveys

100% Free Online Dating Sites: What You Need To Know About Them

The dating sites that mention that they are 100 percent free, are making sure that users understand they do not have any hidden costs. This is because there are many sites that say they are free, and they end up charging the users. Thus users will have to be careful when they use the 100% Free Online Dating Sites. They must ensure that the charges are completely removed before they sign up to use the sites.

Though they are free online dating sites, they will still offer all the services that any user will need on paid dating site. The use of the profiles will be the same as other paid sites, and each member will get equal priority. Since most users are looking for free sites and services, there will be the chance for all the users to meet as many people as they want.

These free online dating sites will also allow people from all over the world to take part in the activities. So, there will be exciting opportunities for singles who are looking for partners. Online dating sites will mostly be very safe, as they will secure all the information. However, it should be noted that not too much personal information should be given.

These sites can be as much fun as paid dating sites, and there will be thousands of profiles to choose from. It provides a platform for all kinds of people to come together. These sites will allow people who do not interact much, to express themselves through their profiles. By doing this, they will invite people who are interested in them to speak with them.

Users can make as much use of these 100% totally free online dating sites as they want, and meet as many people for a lifetime. The concept of online dating sites has taken the world by storm and is here to stay.

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Company location:
55 Goodwin street,
Marlborough MA, USA 01752
Email: friendfinapp@gmail.com